War Memorials & Monuments

Design, Restoration & Maintenance

The Downsview Monumental Company are experts withover 30 years experience in the design of new war memorials & monuments, restoring and the conservation of existing memorials.

Weather, pollution and nature conspire over time to ensure that war memorials don't look their best and that inscriptions become illegible. Our craftsmen have the expertise and experience to select the correct method or process to ensure all restoration and maintenance projects are completed to the highest standards. Stone will be cleaned to look pristine, inscriptions made legible and faded letters hand cut to match the original style.

VC memorial Holy Trinity Church Hurstpierpoint
New portland stone headstone commemorating a holder of the Victoria Cross
Original regimental crest researched and hand carved, letters hand cut.
Holy Trinity Church, Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex

Twineham War memorial
Twineham War Memorial cleaned and restored
to show the colour of the red granite and detail in the original carving & lettering

We offer a no obligation consultation service to help guide you to the best way to restore your war memorial or monument. Past projects include The Chattri, a memorial dedicated to Indian soldiers who died fighting for Britain during The Great War and the memorial in Steine Gardens, Brighton.
VC memorial Holy Trinity Church Hurstpierpoint
The Chattri, located in the South Downs National Park close to Brighton.
Erected in the 1920s to commemorate Indian soldiers
who died fighting for Britain during the Great War

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All work is carried out by skilled and experienced craftsmen who are registered with The National Association of Memorial Masons. The Downsview Monumental Company are registered with local authorities through London, Sussex, Surrey & Kent to install and maintain memorials and monuments.

There are a number of sources of funding for war memorial restoration - we have listed some on a separate page for your convenience.

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